Episode 017

Photographer Names We Can't Pronouce 

Episode Seventeen of the Against the Grain podcast. This week we have Ray Larose, Thomas Skrlj, and Cody Priebe on board. Jason found a classier set of folks to chill with to slam a liquid lunch this week.

This episode we talk about some current kick starters and the ideas behind them, a little on our 365 progress, as well as answer some wicked listener questions about penguins.

We encourage your input and would love to hear from you about your projects. Check out our social media links or drop us an email!


Show Notes:

GoPro vs Lava: sfgate.com

Planet Earth Video: fastcompany.com

Kickstarter / Indiegogo


Silberra Film

I'm Back - Digital Back

Atget's Paris: amazon.com

Neale James Documentary: vimeopro.com

Richard Moss Book: aperture.org

Kodak Edits Out Jobs: engadget.com

Virgil: twitter.com

Bijan's Cuba: bijansabet.com

German Michael: permundum.com


Did you remember to enter the draw for this Instax camera? I am sure we will add more film to this as well. 

Cody Priebe