Episode 014

Southern Charm

Episode Fourteen of the Against the Grain podcast. Join Ray Larose, Thomas Skrlj, Cody Priebe and special guest, Ashleigh Coleman as they talk photography and everything else. (Jason was away at the Kangaroo Finals).

We talk about the SEWLK being held later this month in Mississippi, wire photography, Zeiss glass and other interesting events. 

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Show Notes

Ashleigh on the Web

Sony Photography Workshop

Link: https://www.meetup.com/Sony-Photography-Shooting-Events/events/240256102/

Cody's iPhone Review

Link: https://www.codypriebe.com/journal/2017/9/27/apple-iphone-8-camera-review

The Creative Bar Interview of Ray by Jon Wilkening

Link: https://soundcloud.com/jon-wilkening/episode-4-ray-larose

SouthEastern Walk Information

Link: https://www.raylarose.com/sewlk-mississippi/

Imagery from this Episode

The abandoned highway Ashleigh talks about:

 Looping train by Cody

Looping train by Cody

Cody Priebe